Trustworthiness of LinkedIn profiles questioned

There are millions with LinkedIn profiles and we see this as a perfect networking site for business, jobs etc, but one question has popped up that questions the trustworthiness of LinkedIn profiles.

More than eight in 10 (82%) finance directors question the trustworthiness and accuracy of a potential candidate’s LinkedIn profile, according to new research from leading recruitment specialist Robert Half UK. When questioned, more than two thirds (68%) said that they found the information ‘sometimes’ and ‘never’ (14%) reliable.

The research reveals several reasons for this lack of trust, with nearly four in 10 (39%) finance directors concerned about the opportunity job seekers have to exaggerate experience and skills, followed by lack of systems/procedures to qualify information (37%), relative anonymity of social media (15%) and lastly the lack of regularly updated profiles (8%).

Social media usage in and out of the workplace has grown enormously in recent years, with more and more people relying it as a core-networking tool. LinkedIn profiles help employees and job seekers increase visibility online and help build a professional profile, so it’s important that information is complete and detailed.

When asked what elements are important when reviewing LinkedIn profiles, nearly two thirds (65%) of finance directors consider the experience field as the most important, with references (38%) and educational background (37%) in close second and third. Interestingly, large (78%) and publicly listed companies (72%) find the ‘experience’ element the most important to a profile.

However, the findings further reveal that more than eight in 10 (82%) finance directors find directly received applications for employment more trustworthy and accurate than LinkedIn profiles, with nearly one in four (23%) saying they are ‘much more trustworthy’.

The Trustworthiness of LinkedIn Profiles

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Trustworthiness of LinkedIn profiles questioned