Luis Suarez biting Ivanovic prompts twitter apologies: Update

Footballer Luis Suarez who plays for the Uruguayan national team and Premier League club Liverpool is at the brunt of attention at the moment after his unimaginable behaviour during the Liverpool vs Chelsea game, which will result in him being banned by the Football Association today, Suarez has tweeted apologies on Twitter as well, which you can see below.

Luis Suarez biting Ivanovic prompts twitter apologies: Update

Luis Suarez bit the arm of Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic during the Premier League 2-2 draw game, which has caused controversy all over the Web; it seems now Suarez could see a three-match ban.

The Luis Suarez Twitter messages were done in two parts, which both together said: For my unacceptable behaviour yesterday the club has fined me today, I have asked the club to donate the money to the Hillsborough Family Support Group for the inconvenience I have created to the Liverpool fans and to Ivanovic.

He may have got a fine but it is not sure how much for, the tweets above shows that Suarez is sorry for his actions but for many this in inexcusable, he also said on Twitter “I apologize (to) Ivanovic and all football world for my inexcusable behaviour. I’m so sorry about it!!”

The YouTube video below shows Footballer Luis Suarez biting Ivanovic’s arm, do you think he should get a longer match ban or is 3 enough?

UPDATE: We can now let you know that Liverpool striker Luis Suarez has got a 10 match ban by the Football Association for biting Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic.