Facebook & Spaceport joint venture to impact mobile experiences

Facebook and Spaceport are entering a joint venture to bring the best mobile experiences and gaming to a whole new level. Facebook hired Web-based mobile-game developer team Spaceport to make a larger impact in the way we play games.

Spaceport provides users with free 2D gaming SDK for iOS and Android, who also provides Cloud LiveOps and Cloud LiveTest services for online updating and testing for games.

The cross-platform development company has been nabbed by Facebook to focus on mobile development expertise, the social network giants also praised Spaceport co-founder Ben Savage and the Spaceport team, saying that they are a talented group of mobile engineers and that they are very much looking forward to working and building products with them.

We must stress that Facebook is only hiring the Spaceport team and not buying the technology from Spaceport, at the moment we do not have any idea what future plans they have but we do know gaming is top of the list obviously.

As soon as we hear more about this latest venture we will update this article as soon as we know more, in the meantime please do comment below and pass your judgments.

Facebook & Spaceport joint venture to impact mobile experiences