Justin Bieber Twitter has 16.7-million fake followers

Justin Bieber Twitter has 16.7-million fake followers

Justin Bieber Twitter followers not as real as some may think according to new research, it was revealed that he is not king of Twitter like some may first thought.

The King of Twitter may be in question now after social media statistics company SocialBakers carried out a report, according to the report shows that on the Bieber’s 37m strong Twitter account an estimated 16.7m are fake with another 2.6m being inactive.

The singer took Twitter’s top spot of followers beating Lady Gaga, but now it seems Gaga has taken the top spot again demoting Bieber. It has been said that Gaga has around 15-million fake fans but this still puts her at the top.

The report went on the basis of inactive, good or fake followers, such phrases like ‘diet’, ‘work from home’ were used by spam accounts and these are not true followers. Think about it for a moment, if you want millions to see your website, brand etc then tweeting on the best Twitter accounts will happen.

Justin Bieber’s not having a good time lately, or should we say ‘he is not really popular at the moment’, he came to London and had showdown with a photographer, he was shouted at and booed by his London O2 Arena audience for being two hours late, can things get better for the star?

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Source – Business Insider.