iPhone 6 future compared to Facebook Arc

Do we get excited about technology? When you sit back and think about it, smartphones are still fairly new but some may say on the technology side of things they are not exciting, and for some it is all about cool gadgetry.

Take for example the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 release date and all the rumoured specifications, we found something very interesting by way of Charlie Smith via the Shelly Palmer website, he talks about smartphones being more about life benefits rather than being cool for the majority.

In a way we like what he is saying, he mentions that smartphones and Facebook are like hobbies, and calls this the Facebook Arc. There are many tech geeks out there that love the technology side of things when it comes to smartphones, but this is a different case when we talk about the everyday average Joe who is not into trends etc.

Facebook saw its first light at Harvard and of course a few other Ivy League schools, but there were a few on there that closed their accounts because it was opened to other non-Ivy League schools, this goes the same for smartphones.

You will not get a true Samsung user moving on over to the iPhone 6, but there are early adopters that see potential. Many new companies are starting to get in on the Facebook train and in a way we can sit back and say the iPhone 6 future could be compared to Facebook Arc.

The longer you have a smartphone the less you really care about it, for example the iPhone 4S was a great smartphone and then the iPhone 5 was released. At first it was a new smartphone that many wanted and now that we have it we want the iPhone 6, but to be honest a phone is just a phone and future releases just adds on more gimmicks.

Do you think the iPhone 6 future is compared to Facebook Arc, do you really care about this phone?

iPhone 6 future compared to Facebook Arc