First Samsung Galaxy S4 TV ads land on YouTube

First Samsung Galaxy S4 TV ads land on YouTube

The Samsung Galaxy S4 will be releasing to the public this month, and at last the first TV ads land on YouTube.

There are three YouTube videos below covering the Samsung Galaxy S4 S Translator, Sound Shot and Group Play. The videos are fairly short but give you a good idea of the smartphones capabilities.

The new ads are great to watch and they solely cover the features mentioned above, the S Translator feature is great if you want to translate in other languages, the Sound Shot enables users to take photos and add audio files within them, and last but not least is Group Play that can sync audio playing on the device to other Samsung galaxy S4 smartphones, this will enable amplified sound from multiple smartphone speakers.

The phone speaks for itself really and these YouTube videos shows it off even more, in fact we would rather have just watched these videos than the Broadway like event that happened in March.

Please do watch the Samsung galaxy S4 video TV ads below.

OSM would like to thank 9to5Google.