Google Plus & Hangouts appreciated by retailers Dick Smith

Google Plus & Hangouts appreciated by retailers Dick Smith

Retail chain Dick Smith has 323 stores across New Zealand and Australia with around 4500 staff, and now they are pushing on forward with Google Plus and Hangouts.

Google apps will be the forefront for consumers, and to do hangouts will bring employees closer together. The retailer’s IT director, Linda Venables mentioned via Computer World that select staff will be a part of Google Hangouts and other Google based apps this week.

When you think about users using Google as part of their daily personal lives, it really does make sense to use the Google+ tool for its casual workforce across the business.

Dick Smith employees via their own personal devices such as smartphones and tablet etc will access Google Apps, this means the likes of Google Talk, Docs, and Drive will be used extensively.

OSM use Google Talk on a daily basis to talk with people, it is a good way to keep in touch with other businesses as well and people we work with. We also use Google+ to share what we know with followers.

Venables did say that the benefit of using Google Apps would allow Dick Smith staff to send messages that will collect important feedback.

Do you think Google apps such as Google Plus and using hangouts is important for businesses?