North Korea Twitter, Flickr hacked & depicted Kim Jong-un

North Korea Twitter, Flickr hacked & depicted Kim Jong-un

It is common knowledge that North Korea has threatened South Korea and the U.S and they have online social networks that have been hacked recently. The two networks in question include Twitter and Flickr, the hackers also got into many of North Korea’s websites.

Content was being pushed out to the North Korea accounts, but an anonymous hacker compromised these. According to Gulf News, North Korea’s intranet known as Kwangmyong was accessed as well but some experts believe that this is not true, apparently Kwangmyong is not connected to the Internet, which means hacking this one is unlikely.

The @uriminzok Twitter account was hacked and a posting stating, “We are Anonymous”, this is a name of a hacker activist group. and other websites hosts over 15,000 user records and these were compromised.

We have been told the Twitter account seems to be compromised still, we searched for the Flickr account but this seems to be offline and that the member is no longer active, this was hacked and images were put up depicted Kim Jong-un where he has a pigs nose and ears, and on the front had an image of Mickey Mouse tattooed him.

The depicted Kim Jong-un image can bee seen over on Venture Beat.