Google+ full-size photo uploads questions limit

Google+ full-size photo uploads questions limit

Google+ users can now upload full-size photos via their desktops etc, by going into settings and making sure a few areas are ticked you will be able enjoy full size photos. The areas that need to be ticked in settings include ‘allow viewers to download my photos’ and ‘Upload my photos in full size’.

The only downside to uploading full size photos on Google+ is the maximum 5GB limit, but it still means users can upload images with a max width or height of 2,048 pixels.

Previously it was limited when it came to uploading photos on Google+, which meant users had to upload direct via Android devices using Google software, another way was to use Google’s Picasa photo editing software according to Cnet.

It was Jon Emerson over on Google+ that brought this to our attention and we would like to say a massive thank you to him, thanks to his knowledge Google+ users can now upload full-resolution photos through the social network interface.

The question is “how long will it take to use the full 5GB storage limit?”