Facebook Messenger brings free voice calls to Apple devices

Facebook Messenger brings free voice calls to Apple devices

Good news was revealed late last night reporting that Facebook Messenger on the iPhone now supports free voice calling, which means if you are in the UK and own an iPhone you can make free calls over mobile data or WiFi.

The new version of Facebook Messenger app in the UK comes after Facebook expanded its VOIP service and launching free calling in North America.

Apple iPhone users will be able to open the app and receive or make calls for free, when the app is open there will be an “i” button and once tapped you will have the option to use free calls etc via your contacts by selecting the conversation view, once this has been done you can tap the “Free Call” button.

Facebook is entering a new world and opening new doors to offer free calls for its many users in UK, Canada and US, and this is on top of UK VOIP support. We had an email via an OSM reader saying that they tested the free calls out and they said it works very well indeed. They also said it is just as good and clear in quality as Skype.

If you have used the new Facebook Messenger app free call feature, please do let us know how it went?

Install the Facebook Messenger app via the App Store.