Google+ & Picasa Web photo sync causes problems: Update

Google+ & Picasa Web photo sync causes problems: Update

We have been hearing so much of late to do with Google+ & Picasa Web photo sync, and how many problems are occurring. It seems the photo sync between G+ and the web-based Picasa still looms and our readers as well as friends are still complaining – and rightfully so.

We could list so many names when it comes to the above problem, but one that stood out the most came via Google+ user Duarte Molha. He mentions that after 18 months since Google+ was made available to the public the integration of Picasa Web into G+ photos is still a problem.

One example that is a problem is that before G+ was released Picasa Web was used to store photos, we all know that worked well and with one simple click the desktop Picasa would add the photos to folders automatically and with a simple click of a single button the whole album would sync with Web Picasa.

But the continuing problem is still occurring after G+ was introduced, yes it has an instant upload feature but the albums are now online and not on the local drive. So you would think by syncing online albums using the desktop Picasa would be the done thing to do! - wrong apparently.

Please let us know what you think of the above problem?

UPDATE: We wish to apologise for mentioning PictFolio in the article, the article has now been corrected and we have removed the mistake. Once again we are so sorry for the confusion.

  • Duarte Molha

    Hi… thank you for the mention of my post but please correct your article as I did not talk about PicFolio. A commenter on the thread did and as I have not used it I could not be recomending it.