Facebook losing teen appeal to apps

Facebook losing teen appeal to apps

Whenever we see our children using their smartphones we can guess that in most cases it will be Facebook, Twitter, or a chat app that they are using. Facebook has been extremely appealing to teens for a few years and a great way for teenagers to keep connected with what their friends are doing, to share photos, thoughts and for many other uses.

Facebook losing teen appeal to apps – today we have seen Facebook admit that they’re losing some of their users and while we’ve known this for a while now, it is the teenagers this time that are starting to move away from Facebook.

Certain apps have been sold for massive sums and are being integrated with just about every gadget, which includes apps on TVs, smartphones, tablets, computers, set-top-boxes and many other electronic devices.

When an app becomes cool it will soon catch-on by one friend telling another and so on, which can become a viral hit with millions of teen users around the world. Some of these cool apps that teenagers are starting to spend time with include Instagram and Snapchat, which this time used to be spent on Facebook.

Facebook made it crystal clear in this article that teen users have “reduced their engagement with Facebook in favour” of other services and apps like Instagram. This has become a worrying fact for Facebook and one that has come to light right before its 10th anniversary.

Take a look at the above article for further details, or let us know in the comments if you’re spending less time on Facebook and why?