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LinkedIn’s possible strategy for 2013

LinkedIn’s possible strategy for 2013

We cannot deny how popular LinkedIn has become over the past 12 months because 2012 has been a fantastic year for the social network for professionals, but what would they have to do to secure that 2013 goes even better for them? LinkedIn is not perfect by a long shot, and we are sure that there are a number of areas that you would like to be changed, along with bringing in a number of new features as well.

There are many people trying to predict just what 2013 will hold for LinkedIn users, which is why CNBC has been looking at what they believe needs to be tweaked for the coming year, and it is clear that some are more appealing than others. They have provided details of 10 much-needed tweaks and we would love to know what you think of them.

There are two that stand out for us; those are “Beef Up Company Pages” and “Get Rid Of Endorsements“. The latter allows a company to become more aware to others, but after this section has been posted on more than 25 times they are lost, so being able to post more would be a huge boost for businesses. Endorsements is a feature not used by many because it is considered “Recommendations Lite” and so a useless feature, but would you agree with that assumption.

Again, take a look at all 10 tweaks that LinkedIn could do with in 2013 and see if you agree with them.

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      LinkedIn manages to stay relevant despite the strength of its competitors in the social media landscape. LinkedIn will most likely take measures to make the social network more interactive in 2013.