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Google Plus Christmas gift is an update, well 24

Google Plus Christmas gift is an update, well 24

For those of you who use Google Plus, you will see that Christmas has come early because Google have decided to give their users all of their gifts on the same day. Today the social media service was treated to an update giving it a total of 24 updates in all, which form part of a new Google+ Android and iOS app update. However, two of the biggest feature updates were to Photos and Hangouts, but we will just have to wait and see just how well they have been received.

It is clear to see that the Google Plus team is most impressed with the new features to the Photo Album within the iOS and Android apps because it allows them to do so much more than they could previously, which is explained in more detail on Google Plus Project. However, we can tell you that now being able to swipe through your photos inline will be a very welcome feature indeed.

Events has also be given an update, so now you can send an invite to a specific person and then see who has opened the invite up. For those who are unable to attend a party you can now connect with them via Hangouts, even if they have a poor connection speed. Google say that you can connect to Hangouts with as little as 150KB of bandwidth.

Google are doing all they can to make their Google Plus app a rival to other social media services out there, but we would love to know if you feel they have made the necessary steps to do so.

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