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Twitter adds new advertiser features, solves relevancy problem

Twitter adds new advertiser features, solves relevancy problem

Twitter knows that in order to stay ahead of the game and to keep businesses happy a few changes needed to be made to the search function in Promoted Tweets, so you’ll be glad to know that Twitter have done just that by adding a new advertiser feature that will help to solve the relevancy problem. This means that those customers who are using Promoted Tweets will now be able to find an exact match for a certain phrase or keyword.

There will now be three matching options from Twitter, these are exact match, phrase match, and basic keyword match as mentioned above, but if you wish to restrict your Promoted Tweets from showing up in the results then you’ll be able to use the new negative keyword targeting. A good example of this is explained on the Twitter Advertiser Blog, where they say that if you sell something like bacon you will now be able to implement search features so that results like Kevin Bacon does not show up, which we have to say is pretty impressive.

If you think that is impressive then you are just going to love another new option, which will automatically match what you have searched in your Promoted Tweets, the end result will be things that are relevant and related to your topic. This is particularly good because we all know how fast trending topics can rise and fall. More information on this can be found from the link above, but we’d love to know how you have been getting on with the new feature, and if it is as good as Twitter say?

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