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LinkedIn essential for jobs - success stories

LinkedIn essential for jobs – success stories

When it comes to social networks they don’t get much bigger than Facebook and their 800 million members, although some networks have a different role to play and show it’s not always about the amount of members. LinkedIn is essential for professionals and especially when it comes to jobs, and with over 135 million members it doesn’t get more vital for those looking for a career.

Starting out with LinkedIn for jobs – some people are just starting out with LinkedIn or have been building a professional network for a while but are only just starting to use LinkedIn for a new career. You can jump right in at this page to start looking for jobs on LinkedIn, or you can watch a few videos that explain better ways to find your next job.

Do you keep your profile updated on LinkedIn? The first video we embedded below explains how to find and apply to a job using LinkedIn, and what steps you should take to increase your chance of finding and getting a job with certain companies. If you’re not sold on the importance some companies put on LinkedIn for finding employees, then you might want to watch the second video below that explains why you need to be LinkedIn and keep your profile updated when looking for jobs.

Don’t treat LinkedIn like Facebook - If you’re really new to LinkedIn then you should watch the third video that explains how to get started with the professional social network, and to remember this is your online window to a career and should represent the professional side of your life (completely different to Facebook in many cases). Have you made the mistake of getting too relaxed and personal on LinkedIn, or do you think it’s best to show who you really are?

Big named stars also find new careers on LinkedIn - If you’re not sold on the power of LinkedIn then you should see the fourth video below this article, which features a former pro athlete, Lewis Howes, and how he successfully found a new career with LinkedIn after breaking his wrist as a professional football player.

Have you connected with people on LinkedIn that have helped further your career? There are plenty of mistakes you can make on LinkedIn and some of them have been listed in this article, so check them out and feel free to share some lessons you’ve learned in the comments below.

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  • Martz Hobert

    The main ingredient of success by these people are their connections which gives them more clients.  It’s nice to see that majority of the members of LinkedIn are really professional unlike in Facebook which is pure social.