Manchester United vs. Liverpool: Ferdinand tweets

Rio Ferdinand is not slow in coming forward when he wants to air his views on certain subject matters, his latest is regarding how his team Manchester United overtook rivals Liverpool last season in the league title record. He only mentioned this in reference due to the fact that Anfield players have been worrying too much on what Man U are doing instead of their own team.

These Ferdinand tweets are becoming more famous than the tackles he has been involved with during his career. In his tweet on his Twitter profile he basically said that Liverpool players should enjoy their own team and that of Manchester United. You can be certain that they will have something to say about that.

One has to wonder if Rio is doing this to try and put his rivals of their game, as according to Metro he loves all the banter that has been happening. However, he seems to have backed down a little due to the fact that he has angered a few Liverpool fans. He has since asked them to calm down, but we cannot be too certain how sincere he is.

You have to hand it to Rio Ferdinand, as we believe that this is a physiological game that he is playing.