Rio Ferdinand unleashes Twitter tirade against FIFA

There are not many better ways to spread a message than using Twitter, and if you want your opinion to go viral, then Twitter can help that happen, especially when you’re a celebrity like Rio Ferdinand.

Mix this with a very controversial topic like football and racism, and then you have a recipe for a big story that others want to share via Twitter, Facebook and other popular social networks.

Today saw MANCHESTER United’s Rio Ferdinand do just this, after hearing that Sepp Blatter, FIFA boss for those that don’t know, had stated that those “affected” by this problem should just “shake hands”. If any racist accusation is true, do you think it’s good enough to just shake hands in football to say sorry?

You can read more on this story in this article. Some football fans feel that Blatter is giving racists the chance to abuse, do you agree with this line of thought that has been voiced both on Twitter and in the mainstream media? Is it time for Blatter to go?

You can see Rio Ferdinand’s latest tweets here, and our favorite tweet today from Rio is “Just for clarity if a player abuses a referee, does a shake of the hand after the game wipe the slate clean?” Well-said Ferdinand. If you enjoyed this topic and story then please share it via your favorite social network.