Xbox 720 carries on consoles 10 year reign

Break out the cake and candles, as Microsoft’s console king celebrates its 10th birthday, and what a journey its been for the main rival to Sony’s PlayStation. It was back in 2001 when the Nintendo 64 and PS2 had the gaming market in their pockets, this was all about to end though with Microsoft’s console offering.

Hitting the floor running the Xbox was more than a match for the challengers in power and looks. Originally named the DirectX box, it was created to steer gamers in the direction of Microsoft. Released at GDC 2000 it met criticism from onlookers unsure as to whether a change from what they knew was a good idea.

But as Pocket Lint remark, the Xbox had more than just its odd looking controller to help it convince the doubters. Halo secured itself as one of the top games, following the Xbox through its 10-year life. Adding to Microsoft’s success came the introduction of Xbox Live, which back in 2002 opened the gates to online gaming. By 2007 it had 3 million followers, stretching to over 20 million today.

Xbox has kept the ball rolling and introduced Kinect to compete against the opposition, and with the Xbox 720 brand being banded about the place the future looks good for the birthday boy. Tell us if you are a fan of the Xbox and what made you choose the Microsoft console?