Wendy’s burger Twitter gameshow brings 33,000

Online social networking site Twitter is growing in user numbers by the day and since its launch back in 2006, it’s gained over 200 million. Users range from the everyday person through to some pretty big celebrity names. As well as following an individual(s) on the site and tweeting, it is being used as a way to promote branded products.

The latest today to join others, is that of Wendy’s fast food chain with a new sales and marketing campaign. So far the new idea that we will tell you about in a moment, has attracted some 33,000 Twitter followers in just four weeks, something as Mashable stated, has not been achieved by anyone else.

The campaign fits around a new burger called the “W,” in which Wendy’s and Twitter have got together and organised a game show on Twitter with the name “@GirlBehindSix,” (the six corresponding to the number on the menu).

Although as reported, smaller promotions have been used to attract customers to the fast food chain and the new eating burger, a surprising number have shown an interest via Twitter. The game show commenced on October 31st and a $1,000 prize was given out to six followers who retweeted the rules of the competition, with other prizes being awarded such as mopeds, sleeping bag and items for the pet.

Now with an impressive user figure found on Twitter, the fast food chain are hoping to extend this straight to Wendy’s account which is now approximately 47,000 followers.

What are your thoughts on brands using sites such as Twitter and Facebook for promotion purposes? Should more businesses be taking up the idea?