New Apple TV on way, current price reduced

We recently reported on a new TV from electronics giant Sony, in a bid to prepare itself for an Apple attack. With plans in the making for reinventing the way we watch TV, it is rumored that the Cali firm is working on a completely new standalone set, although this is not likely to be seen before 2013.

At the moment the only Apple TV we know about is the little black box, which since 2010 has been updated to the Apple TV 2. However while we wait for the big screen version the company looks like it has decided to release an updated version of the second-generation unit.

These plans have been banded around due to price cuts made on the current device, suggesting a clear out before a new release. It has been noted by Cnet that along with a $10 discount, Amazon is now describing it as the 2010 version, hinting that there is a new model on the horizon.

There is a strong possibility that this is the case due to the fact that Apple likes to updated its products a year from release. Obviously we are excited about what 2013 will bring with the rumored Apple display, talk of Siri integration just heightens our excitement. But in the meantime, what could we see coming to the Apple TV 3? Give us your thoughts.

  • Anonymous

    Some sort of integration with iPhone/iPad (I guess beyond Airplay) with apps and stuff would be pretty killer. Siri would also be welcomed as well if there was a way to get that working on there. I hate my DVR and would love to replace it with a voice activated “Record all episodes of Seinfeld, House, etc” just to save time.