65-inch Honeycomb tablet, seamless integration

As we try to keep you informed of changes in technology, there is always the question about where manufacturers are heading next with the latest projects. Tablet devices are the latest things to hit our shelves and Christmas stockings all over the world will no doubt be filled with more tablets than any other gifts this year.

But where do we go from here with the touch screen slates? Well if we had a guess what the future for technology would hold I’m sure that a new prototype from Ardic would be the most likely.

As reported by Engadget, the Turkish company has designed and built the world’s first 65-inch tablet. This may sound crazy but after watching the short video we are sure that you will be convinced that this is where we will be in the not to distant future.

Using a 10-inch tablet connected via dock to the 65-inch LCD screen, the system works just like a normal slate. Pinch, zoom and other basic gestures are performed with the use of two touch sensors, although four sensors are on the way giving multi-touch support.

All the usual features and specs remain so take a look at the video and give us your thoughts. Do you agree that this is what we will be seeing in our living rooms over the next few years?