Twitter users chance to win new Galaxy Nexus, how?

Although news is still a little hazy in relation to Samsung’s new Galaxy Nexus and its US arrival, the UK will be receiving it on November 17th. The South Korean’s new smartphone that has intrigued many of us for the last few months is rumored to now be arriving stateside on November 21st. Yesterday we gave you news that accessories for the phone were in fact starting to arrive in Verizon stores.

Over on popular social networking site Twitter, the Google Nexus Twitter feed has been racking up interest, with news that a Samsung Galaxy Nexus can actually be won with as according to stated, clues to its release.

In order for you to be in with a chance of winning the new 4.65-incher with new Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS, you need to follow on to @googlenexus over on Twitter. Starting on November 12, the Galaxy Nexus Challenge as its called will end on November 21 at 11.59 pm PT.

Challenges will be set for users, for example puzzles, making items and so on. Interestingly this isn’t the first time that Samsung have set something similar on the site, back in April ending on May 8th, contestants were given tasks to complete in order for them to win a Google Nexus S, the phone released on Sprint on the ending date of May 8th, so perhaps there’s a little clue here with the new Nexus.

Tell us are you waiting for the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus? Whereabouts are you in the world?