iOS 5.0.1 update, has your battery life improved?

When Apple’s new iPhone 4S smartphone officially released on October 14th, along with it, came the new iOS 5 OS. Despite it’s arrival offering over 200 new features to the user, it became apparent fairly quickly that many were experiencing low battery with the phone, along with other problems such as Siri’s voice recognition not picking up on certain accents.

With Apple forums seeing a huge volume of frustrated users, something of course needed to be done. In order to rectify the subsequent problems, the Cali company announced that a new 5.0.1 update would be coming in the next few weeks, and today we can report that its actually now here.

The free update as Mashable reported, is available for Apple devices such as the iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS, iPads and iPod Touch 3G and 4G. The new update as we reported back at the start of this month, is claimed to fix the devices’ battery use, multitasking 4-finger gestures, improved Cloud syncing and voice recognition, particularly for those in Australia.

The new 5.0.1 is easy to transfer over to iOS devices with what is known as an “over the air” update. This now makes life a lot easier for users, with an end to plugging the device into iTunes and waiting for the OS to completely download. Some users are even getting a sent notification with the word “push” with a red number 1 on the settings icon, which directs the user straight to the update.

Let us know if you now have the new iOS 5.0.1? Have you seen an improvement with battery life amongst other past issues? We would be interested to hear how you are getting on below.

  • Svesciglio

    Just updated the new OS on my 4S last night…  Will keep you posted….

  • Anonymous

    Just updated my 4S to iOS 5.0.1 last night…  Will let you know how I make out…  Battery life was terrible…  I’m hoping this gives me a little more “time”…  Australian accent recognition did not effect me.  other fix was for document storage on iCloud.

  • TM