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Warning, Google+ Pages comes with conditions

Social networking greatness has of course been observed from sites such as Facebook and Twitter already, but we still wonder how Google’s new Google+ networking site will fair against its rivals? From time to time we update you with changes to the site as well as practical advice. On the 24th October, our very own Peter brought you news about how Google+ would soon be supporting the company’s apps, which in fairness was to release in the imminent future.

Today what we wanted to talk about was that of Google+ pages, a featured platform that was launched yesterday for businesses and brands in mind. Companies will be able to post updates about themselves, what they offer in terms of services, products and so on. Users will be able to follow them, a bit like Facebook’s “Like” feature. As well as the new pages, big branded names have joined Google by creating their own official pages on the new social networking site.

Warning, Google+ Pages comes with conditions

According to 9to5google.com, people can now search for pages at Google.com using a predicted query using the plus sign. Added to this, users will be able to automatically add Google+ pages to their circles from the Google Search.

One forbidden no no that Google have laid down, is that promotions are not allowed at all. This includes contests, coupons, promotional material including deals and so on seen on Google+ pages.

Over on Cnet.com, Lance Whitney has spoken about Google’s new online guide for businesses which will actually help companies to get started with a new page, how to advertise it and see how it fairs with interest.

Let us know what you think about the new Google+ pages? Do you think that Google’s new social networking site has a way to go before it tops that of Facebook?