Galaxy S II T-Mobile & Sprint: screen problems annoy

This year has proved to be fantastic for manufacturers “Samsung.” Not only has the company managed to introduce new Galaxy Tablets in different sizes, but an entire new range of smartphones plus the introduction of a smartphone/tablet by the name of the Galaxy Note.

The one device that the company can take a huge amount of credit for is that of the Galaxy S II, that up until the iPhone 4S introduction, completely dominated the market. Surpassing their target of 10 million sold units in a very short space of time, the South Korean company have managed to wow a massive market of consumers. As well as the global model, US variants were introduced for carriers AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile, and it’s the two latter that we are focusing our attention on today.

Although the Galaxy S II with their slight variations in appearance and specs is selling well, some users have experienced problems with the screen. According to Engadget, a thread over at the XDA forums, allowing users to voice their issues along with frustrations, points to some T-Mobile and Sprint screens having color issues, contrast levels, lines and as reported blobs.

On the XDA forums themselves, it seems many have questioned whether a software fix will be needed, this is something that is being looked into by developers including a gentleman named Francois Simond.

Tell us if your handset is affected by screen issues of some description, and if so what? Perhaps there’s something else that you need to get off your chest?