Galaxy Nexus UK, disappointing Dec 2 arrival?

For what seems like a long time now, many of us have been waiting for the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus running Android’s new 4.0 OS to arrive, and it seems the wait is nearly over, well for the UK that is. News of its launch date just on the 4th November, was pointing to its entrance being on 17th November, this hasn’t changed, but many users may not see their smartphone on that day.

The news comes from Shane McGlaun over at Slashgear, who has reported that some Galaxy Nexus fans have accessed online retailer Amazon’s webpage, only to be greeted with a message that states that the Nexus will be arriving on December 2nd instead of the 17th November as first thought.

Disappointing we know, as many of you are waiting for this! The chances are that this date may just apply to the popular online site and not to other stockists. As it stands, the Galaxy Nexus is still arriving in the UK on 17th November no matter what.

In relation to the US, its release date is still confusing. Whilst multiple sources have pinpointed the same date as the UK, today the news is pointing to a release date of 21st November, with carrier Verizon running with the new Sammy addition.

Before we leave you, we just wanted to remind you on an article we posted just the other day, in which retailer Costco were reducing the Galaxy Nexus to $289 instead of the original $299.

Are you waiting patiently for the Nexus? Have you been across to Amazon and been greeted with this disappointing news?