November 7th midnight: White PS3 available, where?

Gaming fans it seems have a lot to look forward to in the lead up to Christmas and early part of 2012. If it isn’t a much longed for game such as Battlefield 3, Gran Turismo 5 or even Call of Duty: MW3 which coincidentally releases midnight tonight, then its news of an updated or new gaming console. Today the news is of Sony’s PlayStation 3 console being available in the colour white.

There may be a percentage of you looking to purchase a new PS3 console as a Christmas present or even getting a white alongside the standard black colour. From midnight tonight being the 7 November 2011, Sony’s new colour console will be available as Pocketlint reported from GameStop for a price of £249.97. The price we have to add is different to that on other sites such as, which lists the white console bundle as £299.99.

The retailer will exclusively be selling the white 320GB console at including two white dual-shock hand held controllers. Gamers getting their new toy will also benefit from a £25 PSN card and any game.

Tell us will you be getting the white PS3 console bundle at GameStop from midnight tonight? Also tell us whether you will be queuing up later to get the new MW3 or are you getting yours online? Which retailer are you going to?