Call of Duty: MW3, is it as good as the previous two?

Many of you will have no doubt gone out and now purchased Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for either a PS3 console, Xbox 360, Wii or PC device. There will be a percentage of you that had already pre-ordered the game before its official release, whilst others may be purchased it online or in-store such as GAME, GameStation or even one of the big supermarkets.

Now that it’s officially here, we wanted to know your initial thoughts towards the new first-person shooter video game from Activision, and as many of you know the third installment in the Modern Warfare series. Down under, gamers have to wait for MW3 to release on November 17th so just a little longer for them.

With a follow on to the plot of Modern Warfare 2 where the Russian Federation continues to invade America with expandability across Europe, gamers will see a welcome return of Task Force 141 Capt John MacTavish, former SAS Capt John Price and Russian informant Nikolai.

Several video game reviewers had already had the chance to play the game before its official release and on the whole comments were good. Over on it was reported that community manager on and Tina Palacios commented by saying, “It walks a fine line of providing more-of-the-same experience and introducing slight changes. The campaign wraps the last two Modern Warfare games in a decent manner, be warned that some of the storytelling elements are recycling; fans will definitely experience moments of déjà vu. Multiplayer is still the bread and butter of this franchise, and is better than ever.”

Stephen Cameron of said, “It’s the same goodness, a lot of the same awesome things that people expect.”

So give us your first impressions of the new MW3 follow on?