Are you getting COD: MW3 online or in-store?

One of the biggest games of this year will be releasing later tonight and will be available on gaming platforms PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, yep you’ve got it Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Over some time here at OSM, we’ve been reporting on the game itself, trailers including live action yesterday, comparisons, accessories and so on.

But what we wanted to know is whether you had already pre-ordered your copy or you will be braving the weather to go and get yours later? Many retailers will be stocking MW3 but in general it’s the big names GAME, Game Station and some of the big supermarket chains such as Tesco and Asda’s that get in on the act.

Price wise, its dependant on how far you are prepared to travel within your area and whether you really care how much you spend on the game, of course prices will vary slightly with different stockists.

Before we list some of the UK prices at the varying retailers, you may decide to take a look online, for example the most expensive currently is offering the highly anticipated game at £42.89, whilst Amazon at £39.87, it may not be a great difference but its still a saving of pennies and pounds.

As we mentioned stockists such as GAME are selling the game online for £44.99 and are opening their stores from midnight for the official launch. Supermarkets on the other hand such as Tesco had already required you to put a £5 deposit down so with this in mind the game will set you back at £33, otherwise Asda at £38.97 whilst Sainsbury’s are retailing the game for £28.99 on the condition that you spend £30 on shopping, otherwise it’s £38.99.

Firstly, tell us if you are getting the game on Tuesday? How, online or in-store and from where?

  • Aleckwapis

    Online, mines already in michigan where i live

  • Gareth640

    uk already deliverd by amazon this morning