Galaxy Nexus price tag falls, Costco informs

Judging by our readers’ comments, the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus running with Android’s new Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 OS, is a much longed for smartphone. Ok, so there’s plenty of others to choose from such as Apple’s new iPhone 4S, HTC’s Rezound or even Motorola’s new Droid Razr, but the Galaxy Nexus is scoring highly with its impressive specs list.

Yesterday we gave you news that the Galaxy Nexus is now planned to release on November 17th in the UK and is also hoped to be joined in America. Mixed news has been filtering through in relation to the US release with some saying that it may be on Black Friday, this we cannot see.

Today it’s the price that’s caught our eye. Costco, who are known for offering smartphones on various tempting deals and generous returns policy, are reported to be retailing the new Nexus for $289 as oppose to the $299, and along with this, the massive warehouse chain may well be offering free accessory packs, something as via Android Central reported, has been known in the past.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled on the latest Galaxy Nexus smartphone news here at OSM.

Tell us are you tempted by the new Samsung phone and would you consider purchasing yours through Costco.

  • David Jenkins

    That’s the on-contract price. Can I get it without a contract?