M5 crash Twitter reacts

People around the country are waking to news of a terrible incident that happened on the M5 last night. At 8.30pm 27 vehicles were involved in a collision on the busy motorway near Taunton Somerset, which left cars and lorries ablaze.

According to a report from The Daily Mail, 43 casualties were taken to hospital for treatment to ‘a range of trauma injuries,’ after 21 cars and 6 lorries were involved in the accident. At the moment 10 people are feared to have lost their lives in the tragedy.

As yet there is no indication suggesting how the crash happened, although Paul Slaven of the Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service described it as “The worst road traffic collision anyone can remember…so many vehicles involved.”

Social networking sites have become awash of comments regarding the incident, with everyone voicing their sympathy and showing support to the friends and families of those involved. Questions have also been asked about the government’s plans to increase the national speed limit to 80mph.

The motorway is expected to be closed for 24 hours and a hot line for concerned relatives has been opened: 0800 092 0410. Give us your thoughts on the plans to raise our roads speed limit by 10 mph.

  • Peteralangibbins

    When i watched it on sky news it was really sad to see it, its a shame that some people lost there lifes just before chrsitmas , i feel sorry for the family of theres, my thoughts goes out to everyone of them all that were in the car crash on the m5 i never seen it like this before, i know i should’nt be writing this but thanks to the police and all the help what they are doing, i know its there job but they are doing a good job on it, R.I.P to the ones that lost there lifes