Best Office apps for Android tablet and phones

This year has undoubtedly been the year of the smartphone and tablet. On deciding what device is for you, then you will quickly realise that with most of them, a multitude of apps presents themselves to you. Today we wanted to look at what’s available on the Android tablets and phones distinctly for the office user.

Two interesting articles have sprung up, the first being from, which will help you in accessing and using documents, spreadsheets and the important presentation that you might have to make to a room full of people. Five office suites have been mentioned that include OfficeSuite Pro, Smart Office, ThinkFree Office Mobile, Quickoffice Pro and Documents To Go.

As Howard Wen explained, all of the above office suites may take abit of getting used to and will require a WP, spreadsheet app and presentation maker, with each supporting a document file compatible with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Click here to find out more and how each compared when tested.

Over at, Robert Strohmeyer was keen to try out office suites for the iPad and Android tablets, which included how they faired synced with cloud services. Android apps used included DataViz Documents To Go, Quickoffice Pro, ThinkFree Office Mobile and Google Docs.

With individual testing carried out on each, the one significant factor to draw from all of them, is that the user will need an external keyboard particularly if the tablet is needed for lots of typing.

Have a look yourself and let us know your thoughts. Is there a favorite for you?