It’s approaching, Samsung Galaxy Nexus November 17th

Its fair to say that the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus is racking up a fair amount of interest and we’ve got some news today that will prick your ears up, that of a release date.

For Samsung, this year has been immense with many new introductions with smartphones and that of tablet devices. Of course popularity continues with the Galaxy S II and Galaxy Tab 10.1, but until the Galaxy Nexus arrives, it’s difficult to say what its initial feedback will be.

Jam packed with impressive specs, the 4.65-inch 720p HD Super Amoled displayed phone, will include a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 5 megapixel rear camera and 1.3 megapixel to the front, NFC, connectivity with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, can connect to HSPA+ networks, Android’s new Ice Cream Sandwich OS and so on. One of the features we like about the new Nexus is that to unlock the device, “Face Recongition” can carry this out.

Its release as Shaun McGlaun over at Slashgear reported will be November 17th for the UK, something of which has been officially stated from the South Korean company. It still begs the question of when the US are likely to see the device, will it be the same day as the UK? Cnet were keen to point out that the Galaxy Nexus will be available on all big networks with Amazon retailing the phone for £550. Another Sammy device not to be sneered at, is that of the new Galaxy Note, another jaw dropping device which has been designed as an all rounder, smartphone/tablet/gaming device and so on.

Give us your thoughts on the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus? Have you been waiting for this confirmation? Perhaps the Note appeals to you instead, or maybe you will want to look at others such as HTC’s new Rezound or Motorola’s Droid Razr?

  • Hyde

    Shot themselves in the foot yet again by not providing a micro SDHC slot.  I already carry more than 16GB of media and the 32GB version isn’t coming to the UK.  So that’s that :-(

    • Brandon

      I wonder how many users really need as much storage as you?  I’m sure there’s some but I’d guess that a large number of people will be fine with 16GB.

      • Anonymous

        I installed zumocast on my og motodroid to get all my data off my pc to avoid buying a new sd card for my droid1(a855) works great.

    • Anonymous

      I installed zumocast on my og motodroid to stream all my “overflow” data to and from my pc avoid buying a new sd card for my droid1(a855) works great.

  • BrianB13

    Since neither Verizon or Samsung has come out with an official release date so we really don’t know when it will show up here in the US.  The leaked documents don’t really mean much.

  • Mamba

    I passed the Galaxy 10 just because of no micro SD slot. How much or how hard to add it? Only reason is marketing. $100 different between 16GB and 32GB version.