Best Buy Black Friday 2011 madness

In order to give you the best shopping experience over Black Friday 2011, starting on November 25th, we will be keeping you up to date with news of retailers taking part, opening times, leaked listings of deals and so on. Already we’ve brought you a helping of articles, with website addresses to bookmark, news of retailers such as WalMart, Target, Sears, Amazon, Kohl’s and so on that will all be taking part in the massive event.

The latest today is that of Best Buy/Best Buy Mobile and its opening time of 12 midnight on November 25th, this way shoppers will hopefully get the discounted items that they are wishing for. According to, in over 20 key markets, Best Buy will be organising a cinematic event at its stores with the time of 9 pm local time.

Many retailers this BF, are being helped along with social networking sites such as Facebook. Best Buy are included in this as well as WalMart. Best Buy fans will be able to head on over to Facebook to be in with a chance of winning a prize of $25,000 worth of e-gift cards. From Sunday November 20 to Monday November 28, fans will also have a chance to win one of 10 e-gift cards on each day. On the 28th, the stakes are made higher for fans, with the chance to win one of 10 Best Buy e-gift cards valued at a whooping $500.

It’s worth keeping an eye out from now until Christmas, with retailers such as Best Buy offering free shipping on over 400,000 items. Price matching with others will be the name of the day as well as shoppers having peace of mind that they can return a product with no stress.

Will you be heading to Best Buy on Black Friday?