Sprint iPhone 4S download speed issues: no further on

When the new Apple iPhone 4S was officially released on October 14th, it was hoped that the handset would sail through without any subsequent problems. Despite the phone’s popularity, it has been slightly plagued with issues such as its battery life and for US carrier Sprint slow data speeds and connection problems.

In relation to the iPhone 4S battery life, a new beta iOS 5 5.0.1 version update is hoped to rectify this problem and its release is reported to be imminent. For carrier Sprint the problems are still apparent and at the present time, there is no hope in sight.

We first reported on the slow data speeds experienced by Sprint customers some two days after the handset’s official launch, and then just over a week later, issues with connection problems, particularly in Europe.

According to AppleInsider, Sprint is taking the matter extremely seriously, although no time frame has been announced in relation to rectifying the problems. Some 1,291 replies and over 240,000 views have been received on Sprint’s discussion board on their official site, with a customer reporting that the Samsung Epic Touch on 3G was actually three times faster than the iPhone 4S.

Part of a statement from head of product development at Sprint “Fared Adib” said, “We don’t see anything that is easily replicable, the company would move fast once a fix is discovered.”

Let us know if you are indeed a Sprint customer and how you are getting on with your new iPhone 4S? Have you experienced such problems with your handset?