iPhone 4S battery life: No one solution

Since the new iPhone 4S from Apple arrived on 14th October, users of the smartphone have been complaining of the handset’s poor battery life as well as overheating problems. Forums had been set up for consumers, which Apple has now acknowledged. Despite a new iOS 5 beta 5.0.1 version update being announced today that is hoped to rectify the subsequent problems, its release may not be for a few more weeks.

The issues surrounding the iPhone 4S have stemmed from a bug in the new iOS 5 software within the phone, not the battery. The new software update will also benefit Australians with the use of voice recognition Siri, problems have arisen with the accent not being recognised, but as the dailymail.co.uk reported, the Scottish will still have to wait.

Despite Apple finally responding to its users, there seems to be “no one solution” to solve all the problems. Fan site iDownloadblog comments that the battery problem may be due to the Settings menu and what is reported to be the time zone resetting. Some users have complained that the browser may well be plagued with a variety of bugs causing the battery life to drop somewhat, whilst others have commented on the handset getting too hot at times.

Whilst the new beta 5.0.1 update may be the key answer, for one we will have to wait a little longer for it to be implemented, and two there’s no guarantee that it will actually work.

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