US smartphone choice announces HTC

As we now move towards the tail end of this year, it’s fair to say that 2011 has been the year of the smartphone and tablet market. Ok, so Apple already had the iPhone positioned on the market along with the iPad first generation, but during the last few months, a multitude of other branded smartphones and tablets have been surfacing.

Today our attention has been centred around that of HTC and how the smartphone maker have not only managed to grab the limelight away from South Korean Samsung, but have stolen the lead in Q3 as the top smartphone brand in the US. As Shane McGlaun over at Slashgear reported, both Samsung and Apple rivals to one another, have both declined in the market.

Having achieved this, now many are questioning how HTC have acquired this title. Could it be down to the fact that many Apple fans held off purchasing an iPhone 4 for the latest iPhone 4S generation device, or perhaps a percentage of it can be put down to Research in Motion’s difficult times? But for how much longer can HTC hope to hold the reins?

News is pointing today, towards HTC now starting to experience a drop in shipments, this has been put down to Apple’s iPhone 4S popularity. Many devices will be landing before the end of this year, including the Motorola Droid Razr, Samsung Galaxy Nexus and even Nokia’s new Lumia 800.

Are you an HTC fan over the others?