iPad 2 / Kindle rival: Barnes & Noble announce

We can hide from it but its still just round the corner, we are of course talking about Christmas. Just week’s away customers are starting to gather their ideas on what will make the perfect present. Tablet makers are fully aware that their devices will be high on everyone’s wish list and are preparing themselves for the onslaught.

Joining the party is booksellers Barnes & Noble, who have invited a selection of people along to a “very special announcement” pencilled in for Monday November 7th. According to Apple Insider the event will take place in New York at 10:00 AM Eastern time.

This announcement is rumored to be an unveiling of a new tablet as a direct challenger to Apple’s iPad 2 and Amazon’s Kindle range. The new device is said to be an updated version of the Nook Color, which received a software update back in April. This update allowed the slate to carry new apps and the ability to email, access a web browser and play games, making it more than just an e-reader.

So with another tablet set to enter the market before the festive season, it is anyone’s guess as to who will come out on top. Give us your thoughts about whether Apple’s mighty iPad 2 should be looking over its shoulder?