Facebook fends off 600000 security attacks each day

Facebook fends off 600000 security attacks each day

For a time now, social networking sites such as Facebook have been criticized not just for the way in which they conduct their privacy constraints, but also for the sites in general being accessible to just about everybody.

We’ve known for some time now that Internet sites, some more than others, can be used for criminal activity and today the news just proves this. Popular Facebook, now home to over 800 million users, has to fend off at least 600000 security attacks from hackers every day of the week. The news courtesy of ihotdesk.com via the Daily Telegraph, has reported that of the one billion logins that take place every day, at least 6% are fraudulent.

In order to eliminate security blunders, the site will be announcing what they will be implementing in the way of security measures.

In a statement from Barry Schnitt he said, “600,000 times a day, we stop a bad guy from getting access to an account even though he has guessed, phished, or stolen the login and password of an account. This is something we’re very proud of.”

Graham Cluley from Sophos security firm was keen to point out to users that, “When a hacker takes over a user’s Facebook account, they can post images, send messages and access all of that person’s private information.”

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What are your thoughts on this? Do you have security measures put in place on sites such as Facebook?

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    That’s quite a staggering amount of hacking done each day. I hope there’s some way that they can trace the origin connection and just completely block the root. If that’s even possible.