YouTube focused on last minute Halloween costumes

It might not be Halloween just yet, but the weekend is here, and is the best time to go out to parties or other such events. Most of you will already know what you will be dressing up as, but for those who still have no idea, then you will be pleased that YouTube is there to help, as they are now focused on last minute Halloween costumes.

Now there will be no excuse for not knowing what fancy dress costume you will wear. Even if most stores have run out, there’s always a way to get something – you can even get some of your old clothes, cut them up a little and then roll then around on the grass. What you will have is an instant zombie costume.

Here are a few other ideas that you can go as, the first is a Katy Perry/Russell Brand hybrid. The video runs for just over 15 minutes and shows you how to come up with this unique look. It’s not hard to pull off Brand, but getting those sexy looks of Perry could be a bit of a tough one.

The easiest costume for those who have nothing and all the stores are out of Halloween costumes is a Ninja. This will only take 30 seconds to achieve – cannot believe it only takes a black T-shirt. The final costume idea is of a baby carrying his dad. Yes, its just an illusion, you really need to see the video – not sure how to make it though.