Nextdoor: Social network to connect neighbors

Social networking is a funny thing, yes we know how successful Facebook has become, but we are now beginning to see more of us thinking more towards privacy than sharing. There is no denying that these services are a worry for some, but what if there was a way where you could share socially while still staying private? Well maybe Nextdoor is the way forward, which is a social network to connect neighbors.

The service went live yesterday and it only wants to share information with neighbors – well if they want to that is? This all sounds good, but Facebook started in a similar way – now look at the beast. When you are signed up to the service you are then notified if a neighbor also joins up. The way in which the system beats security issues is by making you enter your address and real name, all of which is done with HTTPS encryption.

You may think that you can enter any address or name, but you still cannot start using the service until your account is verified, this will be done once you receive a physical postcard that is sent to your address with a special code. There are other ways to verify who you are, which CBS News explains.

The question here is, why do neighbors need a social network of their own?