New Microshield iPad 2 cases

Whether you are an avid fan or not of Apple, there’s no disputing that the Cali company make some pretty impressive devices, they’ve paved the way for others with their iPhone, iPod and iPad products and it’s the latter that we wanted to talk about.

Just this morning, we brought you news about the rumored iPad 3 due to release in March 2012 with what is being reported as a Retina Display. Along with this, we showed you a new iPhone Magnate case from AGF that can also be fitted to two Samsung phones and BlackBerry. Now it’s the turn of a new Microshield case to fit the iPad 2.

Company XtremeMac synonymous for devising products that not only protect Apple devices, but also Power and Play them have come up with a new range. They are now happy to announce the new Microshield SC and SCL cases for the iPad 2 which can work in conjunction with the Apple Smart Covers, that fit snugly around the device whilst allowing full working switches, jacks and as reported the rear camera.

Differences in the two SC and SCL cases are that one is made of a thin impact-resistant material available in clear, black, pink, grey and pink. The SCL on the otherhand is made up of leather and designed as the SC is, to protect the device from bumps, knocks and scratches and completely covers the iPad 2’s aluminium back. Colors available include cream, black, tan, red and navy.

The Microshield SC retails for $34.99 and the SCL for $69.99 at

Have you got added protection for your iPad 2, if so what? Are you tempted by the new Microshield SC and SCL?