Meet the Lego Man

For Jeff Hindman in Florida, what he was about to discover has totally baffled everybody! Whilst out walking along Siesta Key Beach, Hindman came across a statue on the sand and on approaching he realised it was in fact an 8 foot Lego Man.

Yep, you heard right, a fibreglass Lego Man, with green t-shirt and red pants, with a logo on the front saying, “No real than you are,” and on the back the words “Ego Leonard.” Of course how the statue got there remains a complete mystery, but if the statue isn’t claimed within the next 90 days, then Hindman will get to keep the object.

The name Ego Leonard to many of us will not sound familiar, but he is actually a Dutch artist. As reported from, Legoland have stated that the man does not belong to them, and is not part of a marketing campaign.

This isn’t the first time that Lego men have washed up on beaches. Back in 2007 a figure was spotted in Holland and in England a year later.

The giant Lego man was taken away by the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office, after receiving huge attention from onlookers, and remains in “protective custody” until it is possibly claimed back. For now it has left many completely puzzled as to where he has come from?

Check out the embedded video below and give us your theories? Did you in fact see the Lego man on Siesta Key Beach?