Magnate case for iPhone 4S, Galaxy S / Epic 4G and Blackberry

Often when we purchase a new smartphone device, we tend to forget how we are going to protect it from bumps, knocks and scratches. There are many accessories available on the current market but sometimes it’s our job here at OSM to make you aware of them. Over the last 2 or so weeks, since the arrival of the new iPhone 4S, we’ve mentioned a handful including the new ExoClear, Otterbox, Lifeproof and for those of you wanting something a little different, rugged cases.

Today it’s the turn of the Magnate case from company AGF, which not only fits snugly around the new iPhone 4S addition, but that of the Samsung Galaxy S/Epic 4G and BlackBerry devices.

So what can we tell you about the new Magnate case? According to, the new case is made with extremely durable, but flexible rubber materials to give maximum protection to your device. On the back of the case, it is made up of real leather shown off with contrasting stitching and internally with a textured pattern. To the sides of AGF’s case, a rib design has been promoted giving users added grip to their phone.

Available in a black leather finish, the Magnate case is retailed for a price of $35.00 and can be seen here at or

With so many accessory cases out there, what helps you in deciding?

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