Revisiting iPhone 4S battery life issues

The iPhone 4S is a little under two weeks old, and it that time there has been mixed reactions. Yes, it’s a step up from the previous version in terms of hardware, but when it comes to other areas, it seems that Apple just cannot get it right. In this post we will be revisiting the iPhone 4S battery life issues, and if any of the previous tips we have offered worked for you.

We already know that there is an issue with iOS 5 in how it handles the battery requirements, the 3GS performs better than before, but the iPhone 4 is a little worse. However, it is the 4S that has angered consumers the most, as in some cases they have to charge their phones up more than twice a day.

We do find it funny how Apple have said that the battery life on the 4S is “outstanding”, as its clearly not. We believe that the iPhone 4S will be known as batterygate – we just hope that an iOS 5 upgrade will solve the issue? If not then many of us will wish that we held out for the iPhone 5 next year.

ITProPortal has a few suggestions on how you can prolong the battery life on your iPhone 4S, most of which we have covered before, However, we do find it funny how they suggest disabling 3G – it’s as if they have not even played with the handset. If they had then they will know that there is no way of doing this, as that feature has been removed from iOS 5.

What tips do you have for making the battery last longer?