Machines play Angry Birds

You may remember a few days ago that Rovio released a video trailer of their limited edition 2011 Halloween Angry Birds game. The trailer never gave much away, but now we know that there is a new character and also new surprises when you complete all 30 levels. We have to wonder if a robot will be able to achieve this before us humans?

Who would have thought that machines would play Angry Birds, but you can clearly see on the videos below that they do? There seems to be no end to what people will do with robots, we can think of some great uses, but playing on a game is certainly not one of them.

Mashable says that the robot is called Bitbeambot – we wonder if it will become addicted as many of us humans have? We just cannot see the point of this; one because of how long it takes the machine to take a shot, and two because of the more important tasks that it could be doing.

If you could design a robot, what would you have it do?