Iris 9000: Extend voice distance of Siri on iPhone 4S

With Apple’s new iPhone 4S smartphone that has officially released, comes the introduction of new voice activation technology “Siri.” The feature allows you to talk to your phone with Siri reminding you of appointments, acting as a location finder and so on. Just the other day we brought you news about the more humorous side of the technology. Click here to find out more.

Today the news is of an accessory add-on to Siri, that of the new Iris 9000. An extension to the voice activation feature, the new Iris from company ThinkGeek, allows you to control the voice feature from across the room. As reported, by positioning the iPhone 4S handset into the Iris 9000 cradle and tapping the micro remote control just the once, allows a trigger to set Siri off.

An added benefit to the new Iris 9000 accessory, includes it being able to recognise your voice from up to 50 feet away, thanks to a built-in microphone and speaker allowing Siri to respond to spoken instructions and sounding them out, along with the facility of making and receiving phone calls.

Register today for your Iris 9000 from ThinkGeek for a price of $59.99, available in the Spring next year.

Give us your thoughts on the new Siri Iris 9000? Interested?