Steve Jobs: Interviews, biography and Apple HDTV

Just yesterday, we brought you news that the late Steve Jobs could be seen taking part in a 60-minute interview, of which he spoke candidly about his personal/work life plus his illness, which would take his life at the age of 56. Sitting there watching it for 60 minutes, will show the good and bad to Steve Jobs, with excerpts taken from past interviews with author Walter Isaacson.

Along with this on, a 70-minute video showing a memorial event can also be viewed.

Today we can add that Steve Jobs official autobiography by Isaacson, can now be purchased through Amazon’s Kindle ebook platform or the iBookstore. If you head on over to it, you will be met with a purchase option instead of pre-order.

One revelation to come out of Steve Jobs autobiography, was that of the Apple HDTV and its build. Jobs was keen to say that he according to AppleInsider, had “cracked” the concept for the device. Jobs named a “visionary” had his sights set on Apple releasing an HDTV set that could be synced with all Apple devices including the new iCloud service, of which would incorporate a clear and simple interface with remotes not having to be used.

A while ago, we brought you a rumor that Apple were intending to bring out three HDTV models in 2012, with three various sizes and prices to match. This is something that we will have to keep our eyes and ears peeled for.

Give us your thoughts on new Apple HDTV’s coming possibly 2012? Will you be getting the Steve Jobs autobiography?

  • John @Syncing Ipod Shuffle

    Steve Jobs is one
    of the most respected person in the world next to President Obama of-course.
    He makes a world record and leaves us his great legacy which is the APPLE