Sprint iPhone 4S connection problems in Europe

It seems life for Sprint and its iPhone 4S introduction is not getting any better! For the first time ever, US carrier Sprint have been lucky enough to join that of Verizon and AT&T in retailing the popular phone, but since its official arrival on the 14th October, the carrier has experienced some problems, leading to frustrated customers.

First up we gave you news on 16th October that some customers were enduring some slow data speeds with their new smartphone device. This was put down to the handset possibly experiencing poor signal strength or a problem with its location.

Now today, the issue reported from loiclemeur.com, has spoken about possible connection problems in Europe. Interestingly, this has been relayed from the site’s author, who has spoken about using his new iPhone 4S in France, and the handset behaving in a strange manner. He reported that every 5-10 minutes, a “No service” message came up, although the handset was being used in a perfect coverage area where other handsets, coincidentally iPhones were receiving good signal. Consequently, voice calls and data usage were interrupted, the handset tried on numerous occasions to find a network, battery time was low and so on.

Trying to rectify the situation, its user tried to search for a network using a manual method, but found he had to stop the phone abruptly in order to stop it searching. On then travelling to other countries within Europe such as Romania and Bucharest, it was noted that the iPhone 4S locked on Vodafone RO but had no working data, whilst the network couldn’t be switched with any option to do so.

To find out more on this, click onto the link in the third paragraph. Tell us have you been having problems with slow data speeds or even connecting whilst in Europe?